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Bimba's rescue story: adopt a dog

Bimba’s Story: Adopt a Dog, Mutts Rule!

I’ve had pets all my life, I need animals in my life (and so I married Alex jaja, just kidding). Seriously now, since I moved to Spain I had been wanting a dog. In Caracas I had two dogs, a cat and a younger brother. Suddenly I found myself living in a crowded apartment in Barcelona, even sharing my bed with a friend for some months, and still feeling a little bit lonely. During three years I tried convincing myself that plants could distract me from wanting a dog. I moved again, to Madrid this time. I was unemployed and with too much time in my hands, so decided I could volunteer for a shelter. I signed in as temporary foster home for rescued dogs. Bimba was rescued from a small village in Toledo, along with three of her puppies and her brother Bola (also the father of her pups). The owners had gotten both of them as puppies. They were locked in a patio from which they had never come out. When Bimba had …

home office inspiration

Home Office Insipiration for Small Spaces and Tight Budgets

Alex and I moved to a new apartment. Now we don’t have space for a dedicated study or a desk in the bedroom, so we have to go with a workspace in the dinning/living/TV room (it’s our everything room). Here is some home office inspiration and ideas for small spaces and tight budgets. He is a web developer and he works with a desktop PC. I now work from home and use a Macbook. Problem: we only have space for one small desk. So, my challenge is to design a shared desk area in a very reduced space, that blends in with the living/dinning/TV room area atmosphere. This is especially hard because Alex is obsessed with ergonomics and has a black chair the size of a mammoth. I tried convincing him it was too big for a living room workspace, but I lost the discussion and he got to keep the chair (which, I have to admit, is very comfortable). It has to be functional and mess-free. Basic needs for our home office -to-be: 1. Good Working Lamp …

bilingual is better

Bilingual is Better

Ok, I’ve been absent for quite a while, but it’s time to take this blog seriously now. Alex has installed me a languages plugin, so I will be able to write both in English and Spanish now Which kind of makes more sense, considering most of my friends and family are Spanish speakers.Welcome to bilingual Mrs. Lentil!  

5 minute lemon curd recipe

5 Minute Lemon Curd Recipe, Easy and Delicious

I love lemon, and this 5 minute lemon curd recipe is just perfect for spring breakfasts and snacks. It’s fast and easy to make, and delicious to eat. Last August, Alex and I did a motorcycle roadtrip around the south of Portugal. We stayed a night in a cozy bed and breakfast. The breakfast was homemade bread and lemon curd, and it was SO good! Since then, I’ve tried a couple of lemon curd brands, but nothing like that one… until I stumbled upon Kanela y Limón’s express lemon curd recipe. It was inspired on this other post Lemon Curd au Micro-ondes (yes… all you need is a microwave!). After adapting both recipes… here is what I did. Ingredients 150ml lemon juice 120gr sugar 30gr butter 3 eggs 1 tablespoon corn flour Pinch of salt  The making of… In a bowl, squeeze lemons until you have the 150ml of juice (be careful with the seeds and don’t squeeze too much so you don’t get the bitter taste of the peel). Disolve the corn flour in the lemon …

The Ultimate Solution to Keeping your Hair Clean for More Days: Reverse Hair Wash

Why do we  all shampoo first and condition after? No more washing your hair every day or wearing your hair up to conceal greasy roots! The reverse hair wash solution is one of the best things I’ve read on the internet. It has made my life so much easier and my hair so much prettier… My hair is thick and abundant, with dry ends; yet, I can’t go two days without washing it because my roots look all greasy. On the day I wash it, it’s always too dry, frizzy and out of control. The next day, it looks ok but the roots are already kind of greasy, so I tie it up or braid it to conceal it. I’d love to wear my hair down more often. To be honest with you, I’m lazy (and clumsy) when it comes to hair dryers and irons. I’m the low-maintenance, just-out-of-the-shower kind of girl. Everytime hoping my hair would magically look wavy perfect like Gisele Bündchen’s. I’ve tried tons of shampoos, conditioners, anti-frizz, oils, etc. I’ve tried the …

My Respect to Pedestrians in High Heels

I moved from Barcelona to Madrid last August because A. got a good job offer here. I’ve been job searching since then without much luck. Yesterday, I finally had an interview for an account manager spot in an interesting looking company. Being my first shot of the year, I decided to go with the full corporate look… high heels and all. Sexy underwear (always makes me feel confident), perfectly ironed pants and shirt, neat looking hair-do and makeup… and high heels –which I had to dust off because they had been in a box for 3 years. Walking to the metro station, I was so proud of myself. I walked as if I owned the sidewalk. I got there 15 minutes early and didn’t even feel the need to sit down while I waited for them to meet with me. After the interview and some written tests, as I left the building full of optimism, I called A. to meet me for lunch. I was in the mood  of celebrating that I was back in …