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Bimba’s Story: Adopt a Dog, Mutts Rule!

Bimba's rescue story: adopt a dog

I’ve had pets all my life, I need animals in my life (and so I married Alex jaja, just kidding). Seriously now, since I moved to Spain I had been wanting a dog.

In Caracas I had two dogs, a cat and a younger brother. Suddenly I found myself living in a crowded apartment in Barcelona, even sharing my bed with a friend for some months, and still feeling a little bit lonely. During three years I tried convincing myself that plants could distract me from wanting a dog.

I moved again, to Madrid this time. I was unemployed and with too much time in my hands, so decided I could volunteer for a shelter. I signed in as temporary foster home for rescued dogs.

Bimba was rescued from a small village in Toledo, along with three of her puppies and her brother Bola (also the father of her pups). The owners had gotten both of them as puppies. They were locked in a patio from which they had never come out. When Bimba had her first period, and surprise… she’s pregnant. I don’t get how people can be so stupid as to not realize how nature works.

The owners decided they didn’t want ANY of the dogs and called the shelter to warn that they were dropping all of them in a garbage container somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The pups were less than two months old, Bimba and Bola were around 12 months. Bola went to another foster home, Bimba and the three pups were brought directly to me. Two male pups were given away directly by the former owners. We couldn’t track them down.

Bimba was sick, they didn’t feed her right during pregnancy and lactation (and probably not even before). She was skinny. You could see her ribs and hip bones. She had almost no fur. Scabs and scars everywhere. She was weak and had non-stop diarrea. She looked like an old dog on chemo. The pups were skinny and dirty. One of them barely moved.


Long story short, the pups started eating on their own, recovered and found new homes in no time. Bimba received several treatments and was recovering little by little. She was a quick learner, did all her business in the street in less than a week. Between curious and scared, everything was new to her. Stairs, trees, cars, birds… it was all new for her, all she knew was the tiny patio where she grew up.

Two weeks after they brought her, she had an adoption request. The shelter called me and asked if I wanted to keep her or give her away.

At that time Alex and I were renting a room in an apartment we shared with three other persons. He had never had a dog and didn’t want such a responsability. In his opinion Bimba was ugly and looked like “an old lady’s lap dog”. Alex was counting on any flatmate to say we couldn’t keep her… they were all thrilled with the idea of Bimba staying. Then he had no say in it, we won by mayority. One month later, he was already a devoted owner and Bimba’s number one fan. When he comes home from work, Bimba comes first and I have to wait until their 15 minute play time is over before I get my hello kiss.

Now Bimba is a happy, young-looking, healthy, playful and energetic dog. She is popular in the dog park for being friendly with everyone and playing with everything. We have a lot of theories concerning what breed mixes she comes from, but she’s basically an unidentified mutt. They say mutts’ genes carry the best of every cross. They result of the evolution of the strongest genes. She is smart, sweet and sooo grateful. After this experience I don’t think I’ll ever buy a dog again. I encourage you to adopt a pet instead of buying, you will not regret it. If you have doubts, sign in as a temporary foster home for a shelter in your city and give it a try.

Is your pet adopted? I would love to hear your story too!

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