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Home Office Insipiration for Small Spaces and Tight Budgets

Alex and I moved to a new apartment. Now we don’t have space for a dedicated study or a desk in the bedroom, so we have to go with a workspace in the dinning/living/TV room (it’s our everything room). Here is some home office inspiration and ideas for small spaces and tight budgets. He is a web developer and he works with a desktop PC. I now work from home and use a Macbook. Problem: we only have space for one small desk. So, my challenge is to design a shared desk area in a very reduced space, that blends in with the living/dinning/TV room area atmosphere. This is especially hard because Alex is obsessed with ergonomics and has a black chair the size of a mammoth. I tried convincing him it was too big for a living room workspace, but I lost the discussion and he got to keep the chair (which, I have to admit, is very comfortable). It has to be functional and mess-free. Basic needs for our home office -to-be: 1. Good Working Lamp …